AURA SCANNER is a Very effective Diagnostic Tool for Therapists / Consultants. It SCANS Energies, Aura, Frequencies of Living & Non-living Beings. It is very easy to handle, lightweight(2Kg) & very much portable.

It works on the Principles of Magnetism where similar polarities repel & opposite polarities attract each other Interpretation of Aura Scanner is on the basis of the Degree to which it deflects from 0-180, which can be seen. The deflection is caused by the magnetic vibrations which can be felt to the hand too.

Aura Scanner successfully attempts to understand & quantify certain Metaphysical phenomena with the applied Physics & Science thereby bringing Metaphysics in Physical Domain.

Aura Scanner was developed by Mr.Ravindra R.Phatak who is an Electrical Engineer & manufacturer of Electrical Appliances.



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